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The Faeries Stole the Moon Sage Roadknight
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Flower in the Ash SAGE ROADKNIGHT
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Rights for Robots Sage Roadknight
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Shapes in the Dark Sage Roadknight
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In Your Mind Sage Roadknight
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Sage brings her intricate musical stories alive on stage with the use of warm vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, stomp-box and loop. 

Most recently adding in a Mini Korg synth to the show.

Sage's musical style aligns with artists like AURORA, Asaf Avidan, Aldous Harding and Big Thief.

Sage invites the audience in with a captivating and intimate performance. She immerses the venue in another world and story entirely. From mellow folk songs to energetic and emotional prog rock hybrids, Sage’s performances are built from storytelling, with a large range of unique, dynamic but also cohesive original songs. 

Sage Roadknight Press.jpg

BIO Here

An enchanting singer/songwriter from Melbourne, Australia, Sage Roadknight is fast becoming known for her unique and captivating ‘Future Folk’ style of music. At just 18, Sage has been playing music professionally for the past 4 years. From festivals to wineries, breweries and cafes as well as many live radio performances across Melbourne and regional Victoria.  Sage conducts her time on stage by engaging her audience with her intricate songwriting and musicianship, natural charm and quiet confidence. Over the years Sage has been the recipient of many nominations and awards.   In 2022 Sage’s song VOICES became shortlisted in the inaugural Environmental Music Prize alongside music giants Paul Kelly, Tim Minchin and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard. VOICES is a call to action, a new take on a protest song, that Sage penned after attending climate strike rallies. She was 16 at the time. The accompanying video clip was animated and produced solely by Sage. This year, Sage’s music is being exhibited at the Melbourne Museum. She is one of only 2 sound production students to be chosen for this year’s Top Design, a part of the VCE Season of Excellence.  On June 16, Sage released her debut album titled Living Thing, an epic concept album that has been carefully crafted across the past 4 years. The work is deep, unique and  profoundly moving. Sage wrote, performed and  co-produced all 13 tracks  on the album. Sage also created the cover art for the album, along with illustrations and animations for canvases on streaming platforms.  Sage is an inspiration to anyone exposed to her art. She is fearlessly herself, her music allows vulnerability and insight to deliver powerful messages that focus largely on environmental and existential issues.

Press Release for
Living Thing

S A G E R O A D K N I G H T DEBUT ALBUM RELEASE-LIVING THING A courageous move by 17 year old singer songwriter Sage Roadknight, as she dares to introduce her musical self to you with an epic concept album that is carefully crafted and profoundly moving. The debut album, titled Living Thing is an exploration of existential crisis in the context of purpose and stewardship. This theme is delivered via an apocalyptic tale of human folly in which our insatiable and stubborn greed ultimately leads to a dire conflict with the supernatural forces of the faery kingdom. Revolutionary Robots, as well as benevolent aliens join the fray as a difficult and inevitable lesson unfolds. Sage’s musical style is firmly rooted in Singer/Songwriter folk and is nourished with Dream Pop, Ethereal Wave and Prog Rock. The emergent tree of song is adorned with tasteful, innovative electronica and ambience. The production plays a uniting role in creating this hybrid entity. Warm lush tones and flecks of dissonance are clean and illuminating, complimenting the songwriting and performance. Accompanied with pristine harmonies, Sage’s unique vocals are gently haunting; there is an enchanting quality to her voice which is eerily comforting. Storytelling, voice, instrumentation and production combine in musical alchemy resulting in a tapestry of perspective and meaning. Hope and devastation co-exist, as do compassion and condemnation. Personal relationships are overlaid with broader relationships that extend to humankind’s interaction with the paranormal forces inhabiting the natural world and cosmos beyond. The cauldron of sentiment and meaning delivers a highly emotive, beautiful tragedy. Sage Roadknight’s Living Thing is a transporting experience, with every listen taking you deeper and asking you to confront the question “what is it to be a Living Thing”? ALBUM RELEASE DATE-June 16 2023

             Debut Album       
      Living Thing

Sage Roadknight  

           2023 FINALIST

AFMA 2023.jpg


2020-2023 Achievements


-Recipient of  Music grant from Macedon Ranges Music Collective

-Winner of Scholarship for Music conference FOCUS UK in conjunction with Montvillelane sessions


-Winner of Musicianship Prize Macedon Ranges Music Festival

-Winner of Battle of the Bandwidth -Macedon Ranges


-Winner of the Musicianship prize (2nd year) at the Macedon Ranges Music Festival


-2nd Port Fairy Folk Festival Buskers Comp

-Winner MRMF Youth Comp 2022

-Finalist Environmental Music Prize 2022

- Sage's sound production has been selected for exhibition in

Melbourne Museum 2023, part of the VCE

Season of Excellence. Exhibition opens March 2023

-Finalist for Youth Artist of The Year Award,

  Australian Folk Music Awards


Photography by Leigh Ball

Press Image
Photography by Sage's Mum.


Sage Roadknight
Sage Roadknight_edited.jpg
Sage MRMF 1_
Sage Roadknight MRMF.jpg

Photography by Paul Fletcher

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     NEW RELEASE Friday August 12 2022 

Sage Roadknight Shapes in the Dark.jpeg



Trailblazing Singer Songwriter Sage Roadknight from Melbourne continues to uphold her reputation for outstanding songwriting with the release of Shapes in the Dark.

17 y/o Sage navigates complex musicality in the form of Future folk and is pioneering her own unique sound and evocative storytelling style.


SHAPES IN THE DARK is a song about the impact of Insomnia.

Musically, the song opens with a melody played on the Rhodes which moves between a 3/4 and 4/4 time signature, the songs textures

are soft and flowing, allowing the listener to immerse in that lucid dreaming feeling which exists at the parameters of reality.

The lyrics are sad and apologetic.


The song aligns with, and was inspired by artists like Beachhouse, Gorillaz, Phoebe Bridgers and Radiohead


Recently, Sage was a finalist in the Inaugural Environmental Music Prize alongside beloved Australian artists including King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Jack River and Briggs.


Written and Produced by SAGE ROADKNIGHT


Pre-production by Sage Roadknight and Jacqueline Rae

Mixed and Mastered by Shane Rae @ LIGHTHILL SOUND RECORDING





Sage roadknight

S Roadknight Voices.jpeg

I feel honoured that my song VOICES was selected as a finalist in the world’s first major ENVIRONMENTAL MUSIC PRIZE


💚 🌎💚

Link- Environmental Music Prize


Link-Midland express


Link- Star weekly

Release Date 3rd December 2021

Voices is the 3rd Single release from 16y/0 Sage Roadknight. It’s a song she wrote after attending the ‘School Strike for Climate rally's and it offers a critical view of the Australian government’s response to the students who were actively calling for a transformative and urgent climate response.


Voices is a powerful song with an important message, calling out those in charge, who value Capitalism over a sustainable future and dismiss those who dare to strive for a clean planet. This song is a call to action, as well as casting a light upon the toxicity of ageism as felt by every student rallying for Climate change.

This is a race and the time is NOW. #theyoutharerising

VOICES- Written and Performed by Sage Roadknight

Produced and Recorded by Sage Roadknight and Jacqueline Rae

Extra production, mix and mastered by Ricki Rae at LIGHTHILL SOUND RECORDING

Video Animation by SAGE ROADKNIGHT

Sage Roadknight VOICES .jpg

Cover Art by Sage Roadknight

Music and Animation by Sage

Sage Roadknight

RELEASE INFORMATION    September  21  2021

This is the second single from Sage Roadknight’s forthcoming debut album.


Werewolves is a stunning Indie Folk campfire gem. Weaving beautiful melodies and gently haunting those in its magical orbit.

Werewolves tells a story of the pack mentality of human beings, particularly in popular culture, and the never ending search for like minded individuals and how easily that can inspire or conspire love or tragedy, being pulled in different directions slowly and subtly down the rabbit hole only to awake one day to realise you are not the same person that you were before finding “your” people. The beguiling nature of charismatic people that can lead to reliance and loss of identity or freedom and self expression. In either case- Changed.


Werewolves-written and performed by Sage Roadknight


Produced and Recorded by Jacqueline Rae and Sage Roadknight


Extra Production, Mixed and Mastered by Shane Rae @ LIGHTHILL SOUND RECORDING VIC, AUSTRALIA.

sage head shot.jpeg

WEREWOLVES- "It's dark and beckons you [to] come closer"

-Tommy Faith, Triple J



Debut release for Award winning

16 year old Sage Roadknight.


In just two short years Sage has gone from  busking on the streets of country Victoria, to winning a scholarship to take part in one of the UKs biggest music conference and performance events “FOCUS WALES” 2022. Sage is definitely one to watch!


Sage is currently in the studio working on her upcoming album and it’s with great excitement that her single Here are the Mountains is now available on all platforms.


Here are the Mountains is an eerie and lush pop folk song with beautiful and unique vocal stylings. The song engages you in an intriguing story and carries through with gorgeous textures and smooth production.


Sage has filmed, edited and performed in the film clip for “Here are the Mountains”, which accompanies the song down its winding track perfectly. From the curious beginning, you will be captivated by both the song and it’s video clip.


Sage is a student at Alice Miller, a high school for the arts in the Macedon Ranges, run by Australian author John Marsden. Here she has the opportunities and support to develop her wide range of creative skills.


Here are the Mountains- written and performed Sage Roadknight


Recorded and Produced by - Sage Roadknight & Jacqueline Rae


Mixed, Mastered & Extra Production by Shane Rae @ LIGHTHILL SOUND RECORDING  





RELEASE information  April 3 2021

Sage Roadknight
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